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It’s the craze of the Evangelical world! Every generation has a craze, a focus, a relevant topic that a few pretty hip pastors start, and soon afterward, much of the Evangelical world grabs hold and races to keep up. Discipleship and spiritual transformation are definitely trending right now.

But, are they really new or “trending” topics? And, how do we really view discipleship and spiritual transformation biblically, theologically, or practically? As leaders, we could do what we always do: form committees, brainstorm, research other churches, relentlessly rack our brains to bring this much needed transformation to our congregants (and all of these are noble and beneficial methods). But, are we racking our brains trying to make sense of just another fad that will soon sift away like chaff?

No! Because spiritual transformation and discipleship are not new concepts. They are “trending” right now because Christian leaders are at their wits’ end trying to figure out how to overcome the complacent Christianity that has plagued much of our Western culture. How do we, as leaders, break the cycle of moral decay that is just as relevant and trending in the church as spiritual transformation has become. God wants spiritually transformed Christians—disciples! Satan wants to keep growing the moral decay and sin among professing believers. It’s a spiritual battle that has been plaguing our world since Adam and Eve. And it’s been since Adam and Eve that God has been initiating a spiritual transformation of his world, of his people, and of his creation.

So, if these are not new concepts, then why the influx and such focused attention on transforming our congregations into disciples or apprentices of Jesus Christ? In future writings, I will attempt to answer this question, and address many other topics related to spiritual transformation and discipleship. In addition to reading this blog (if you so choose), I highly recommend studying other contemporary spiritual transformation experts, such as: Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, and Ruth Haley Barton (more recommendations will come). I would especially recommend studying Spirit-filled disciples of the past, including (but not limited to): St. Augustine, Theresa de Avila, St. John of the Cross, John Wesley, Martin Luther, and Thomas a ’Kempis, just to name a few.

So, what do I bring to this discussion? I’m a spiritual transformation consultant, writer, teacher, and disciple of Jesus Christ. And I would go so far as to say that I am desperate for “transformation” in our churches. I long to see “Christians” become disciples (I will touch on the differences in later posts). Scandal and harsh criticism runs rampant against and in the Western Christian church. It’s time we as Christian leaders step up to the front lines and go, as Jesus commanded, and make disciples. This is my calling. This is my passion. And I believe there are many Christian leaders who are just as committed, just as passionate, and have a similar calling. We are here for each other. But mainly, God will unite us to battle Satan’s forces who are bent on plaguing Christians with continued moral and spiritual decay. Satan will not win. It’s time we as Christian leaders regroup and recapture the efforts of the leaders of long ago. Our mission is spread the gospel message, in all its truth and glory, and to (re)produce churches that house disciples—warriors battling for Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven.

And so the journey continues ….