Displaced: Published!

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Displaced is available in paperback or on Kindle at:


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My Journey to Publication

I used to be a quitter. If it required perseverance, endurance, hard work, commitment, or any form of potential rejection, I walked away from the challenge. Quitting was easier than staying committed in the face of rejection, in the heat of inadequacy, when things got too hard and seemed hopeless. And then … a spark. An idea that seemed to attach itself to my soul. One that became a part of me. A dream. A story. The ideas started swirling around in my head, and then soon after that, they evolved and played out into notebooks upon notebooks upon more notebooks.

Displaced was born.

But, who was I to think that I could write a book? The dream was absurd! I had graduated number 67 out of 77 in my high school–the last of my class to graduate. I had flunked out of community college. And I’d read, maybe, two or three books my entire life. I didn’t know the first thing about writing a novel. There could not have been anyone less qualified than me.

Displaced wouldn’t let go.

Many things in my life changed. Namely, I became a Christian. And the dream of being an author magnified, as if God were telling me, “This is what you’re supposed to do.” So, I went back to community college intent on learning to be a writer. (During this time, I continued recording ideas and developing my characters.) A few years later, I enrolled at Grand Valley State University as a creative writing major. I brought with me all my notebooks and character sketches … and started working on chapter one of Displaced.

Displaced was transformed, numerous times.

From conception to publication, it’s been 17 years. Displaced is book one of the IAM Series (yes, a series because I have notebooks littered with ideas that would outnumber Amish fiction or Star Trek books). This one novel, however, has had to undergo many, many, many revisions, hard work, dedication, tears, prayers, and criticism to be what it is today. I’ve had several test readers provide exceptional feedback. I had it professionally edited (which cost close to $1,000). I’ve edited and revised it more times than I can count. I interviewed doctors, authors, agents, publishers, theologians, and musicians. Spent long hours researching physics, geology, theology, biology, astronomy, and psychology to get all my facts right. And I haven’t even touched upon the grueling process of formatting for publication, the tough criticism I had to endure from some professors, rejection from an interested agent, the ups and downs of feedback, the waiting, the seasons of stepping away, self-doubt, wrestling to find just the right words or phrases, writer’s workshops and conferences, timelines, outlines, character sketches, plot points, risk, and failure. I don’t know how I didn’t quit.

Displaced is God’s.

This book, this dream, it doesn’t belong to me. I should not have been able to write a book. I should have quit. But by the grace of God, I persevered. I went against who I used to be and did something that only could be done for the glory of God. You see, Displaced isn’t just about writing a book or fulfilling a dream. It’s about personal and spiritual transformation. Because of Displaced I’m no longer a quitter. When I commit to someone or something, I do not give up unless God says so (which He doesn’t often do). Because of Displaced I endure and persevere through situations and trials I never would have before. Because of Displaced I believe that when commitment, hard work, and determination meet, much can be accomplished and salvaged. Because of Displaced I believe in the power of God to change and transform a life. To take the weak, and make them strong. To make the impossible, possible.

Displaced cannot fail.

It cannot fail because it’s already succeeded. I don’t care if I sell 10 copies or 10 million, Displaced is finished. It’s published. And it’s God’s to do with what He desires. Much of the revenue I receive from the sales of this book will go back to Him. For my part, Displaced succeeded because it was God’s tool to transform and redeem … me.

And now, I start book two….

(Displaced is available in paperback on Amazon.com, as well as in all ereader formats. And note that it’s listed under my fiction pen name, RM Steiner.)


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